After joining the game, the first thing is to follow Saori to finish the novice guide. It’s important for you to obtain the first few free heroes, especially Seiya at Pass 19. Not only is he the first Purple hero, he also got good skills which mean you can use him for a long time. If you have time, challenge as many passes as possible as it will increase your basic EXP and Gold growth rate, and you might get some good treasure boxes in the process.

The events require some time to become activated. Some requires you to battle NPC while others can be completed directly. As soon as a new map is available, click on the new map and go. But before you go, remember to click on the bot chest at the upper right hand corner. It contains task items and other useful items. Click on the hero to check out each hero’s skill description. Then you can decide which hero will join battle.

As you continue progressing, don’t forget to go to the Sign-in Interface and click on Sign-in to get rewards. The first 7-days sign-in includes great rewards and you also get Naruto on the 7th day. You can also check the Event interface to see if you can obtain any rewards. The first gameplay that’s available is Mining. Each digging decreases 1 endurance points, while every 2 minutes recover 1 points. Even though you start with only 15 max endurance points, this will also increase as you progress further in the map. You can dig some copper ores to upgrade heroes weapons. Even though it seem to add much, it’s actually base on percentage. While you’re digging, some Golems may appear which decreases endurances. The Golems will be marked on the map and you can defeat them to get loots. If you cannot defeat the Golem, you can go back to Adventure and continue making progress before coming back again. You might meet a BOSS after defeating some golems. The Boss won’t be easy to defeat as some of them have skills which recover HP. If you don’t have an Hero which recover HP, you might not be able to defeat it at first. However, if you can defeat the BOSS, it drops lots of loots.

First Top-up Reward: Just top-up and you can receive Goku as reward. Goku might seems weak at first but his growth rate is quite good for his quality. Plus you can also receive tons of other materials for waking and breakthrough.

VIP Card: The two different VIP cards give you random number of gems per day. It also comes with bonuses in function like shorter waiting period for each stage, decrease digging time, and also items great for upgrading.

Novice needs to know this first to continue:

Game Basic: The battle mode is turn based, player with higher speed will attack first. At the beginning of the game, attack speed of 20 is enough. Higher DEF can decrease damage, when DEF reaches above 100, the affects are really obvious. Crit. Hit can increase the amount of damage dealt in Crit. Skill. If you are into Crit. Hit team, then this would be the best attribute. Dodge can increase both dodging normal skills and dodging unique skills that can be dodged. Leadership increases attack power, but this affect is not obvious in the beginning. With regard to chance of activating Crit. Skills, you must put the higher percentage skills in the front to increase overall chances.

Library: You can use Gold coins, Items or Gems. The first few times of using Gold coins are a must every day, since the chance of recruiting a gold or purple hero here is the same as any other books. Using items to recruit can become a bit expansive after 3 times. If you’re using Gems, then you must save enough Gems to click on the Mythic. You are guaranteed to get at least 1 Gold hero and maybe more. You might even get a Heavenly Hero.

Temple: The Temple should be activated by the second day. You can dismiss the heroes you don’t want and exchange for powerful heroes in the Temple. The Temple will refresh only once per day, and you can only recruit 1 per day, so think first before you choose. It is recommended you choose heroes that you can form group skills with, especially the Purple heroes.

Inherit: All Waking and Forge levels will be inherited, but they all add to inherit prices. So the recommendation is to not Waking or Forge low quality heroes.

Arena: Tried to get 9 out of 10 wins to get that last box. The rest is up to your luck.

Conquest: Conquest is usually activated on the second day. Conquest is harder than Arena and you have only 5 chances per day, but the players in the top will get Gems depending on rankings. You can also get Arena Badge to exchange for rare heroes in the Arena Shop. 

Hero Types

One of this game’s main purpose is to collect hero to increase BP, then there must be differences in hero quality which is based on color. From weakest to strongest: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold, Heavenly. Both Gold and Heavenly heroes are very powerful in both attributes and skills, so they are a must as players progress.

Hero skills include normal skills, ignore DEF skills, Crit. Hit skills, HP Recovery skills, decrease HP skills, special conditions skills, skills that increase attributes, and the special feature – Group Skills. Some skills cannot be Dodge while other skills ignore DEF, which means the Dodge and DEF attributes are useless against these types of skills.

The most useful skills in the beginning is the Crit. Hit skills and they can deal 150%, 200% or even 300% damage. Even though skills with higher damage is better, they usually also have lower activation chances, so you must put them in the front of the formation. These Crit. Hit skills have a high chance of ignoring Dodge, which means one skill can completely change the results of the battle. If you are collecting Crit. Hit heroes, you must also collect some heroes that add Crit. Hit attributes, then the result will be much higher than other attributes.

HP Recovery skills can recover higher than your Max BP and can be stacked. Because in the beginning your BP might be low, so the you can’t really see the effect, but as your BP grow then the results become obvious. You need to pay attention to the skill description, some recovers a percentage of own BP, some recovers a percentage of your current BP, some even recovers base on enemies BP. Recovering enemy BP will become really useful when fighting Golem BOSS in the mines.

If you use skills that decrease HP based on percentage, the results usually are lower than expected because they can be decreased by DEF and usually they can be dodged.

Ignore DEF Skills are great to match with the Leadership attribute. Heroes with skills that ignore DEF are a must for later in the game, but there effects are not obvious in the beginning.

Those skills that comes with prerequisite conditions are not really useful. Group Skills include damage dealing skills and increasing attributes. It will only be activated when all the members are in the team, and the chance of casting is not base on adding numbers together. On the positive side, most group skills deal higher damage, which means you can put one member of group in the front row to increase chances. Remember, you only need 1 member of the group in the front row.

Base on the above intro, the final recommendation is to get more Heroes with Crit. Hit and slowly exchange them with Heroes that has ignore DEF skills.

Location of Different Ores

One of this game’s feature is mining. The ores you get from mining are really useful in a lot of functions, so remember to dig when you have time. If you don’t have time, you can set the Works to dig for you.

The ores include:

Copper – the most basic ore and you need lots of it. But while you dig for it, you might meet Golems. 10 Golems will cost 11 dig chances. So you should defeat them as soon as possible. The Golems will also drop loots and sometimes add BP directly.

Tin – you can use it often and it is rare, so dig it while you can. If you can defeat the BOSS and activate the second mine, then you won’t be missing Tin ores.

Iron - rare ore which you can’t use on the first day but really useful in the future.

Silver – ore for future use, and usually scattered in the mines

Gold – same as above

Diamond – It takes some time to dig one of these up so you can choose to ignore them in the beginning. Then you can consider hiring an extra miner for 100 Gems to dig at the same time. The third miner is a lot more expansive, so it is not recommended at first. You can also use bombs to speed up the digging speed.

Titanium Ore – same as above

Ruby – You might see them when digging in Tin or Copper Mine. It is for later functions and you also need lots of it. You can dig 2 of them each time for 20 minutes.

Amethyst – same as above

Emerald – same as above

Topaz – same as above

Figurine –You need this item for Waking the hero the second time. If you defeat Golems, you have a chance of obtaining 1. You can get more from defeating BOSS, but BOSS are hard to defeat in the beginning. You can also obtain them in events. If you cannot defeat the BOSS, you can also refresh the mines and continue to defeat Golems.

Red Crystal – you can only obtain them through defeating the BOSS. They are vital for Advancing heroes.

Blue Crystal – same as above

Green Crystal – same as above

Purple Crystal – same as above

Hell Sulphur - you can only obtain them through defeating the BOSS. They are useful later on for forging higher level weapons.

Earth’s Heart – same as above

How to Nurture a Hero

First, you should select the heroes base on their skills, then nurture the ones who are most useful first. The first is Waking every 30 levels. The waking bonuses does not change according to level, and you would need much longer time to reach higher levels. So remember to do Hero Waking every 30 levels.

The second is to upgrade weapon. First, upgrade to level 15 then to level 25, because you can unseal once at Level 15 to get bonus attributes. By level 25, you’ll need Crystals. Different weapons add different attributes at level 15, so choose carefully as they make a huge difference.

Novice Hero recommendation: The beginning maps are not hard, but the first BOSS you meet in the mine are the Saints who has high Dodge. You must use heroes with dodge skills to defeat them. You can consider bringing 2 Goblin Bombers if you don’t have any other good heroes. You can even add 2 of them to formation if you are lucky enough to get 2.

If you need more help in the beginning, you can also bring this dude…he adds one point to all attributes. Boy scouts are the best!
Hero Go

Adventures of Heroes is a 2D Card RPG which focuses on exploring and mining. Your goal is to form a powerful team of up to 20 heroes to pass through the different challenges on the map, finally delivering the Dimension Book back to its original place and save the 2D World from corruption. In addition to adventuring, Mining is another special gameplay. You can obtain special ores through digging, and the ores are essential for heroes’ growth. As you dig deeper, you’ll also meet high level BOSS and obtain rare ores.