【S1 to S12 fixed now】

Time : 2017-06-19 04:46
【S1 to S12 fixed now】
Dear all players,
S1 to S12 were down, and all players in these servers couldn't log-in game then. We feel very sorry about it.
And here's the server down compensation for you guys: gems*300, please check it in game mailbox. 
Sorry for the issue again and wish enjoy the adventure!
Hero Go

Adventures of Heroes is a 2D Card RPG which focuses on exploring and mining. Your goal is to form a powerful team of up to 20 heroes to pass through the different challenges on the map, finally delivering the Dimension Book back to its original place and save the 2D World from corruption. In addition to adventuring, Mining is another special gameplay. You can obtain special ores through digging, and the ores are essential for heroes’ growth. As you dig deeper, you’ll also meet high level BOSS and obtain rare ores.