Easter Events (Apr.14 to Apr.20)

Time : 2017-04-13 23:16
Easter Events are coming!! 
Easter Eggs
In this week, you have chances to obtain Easter Eggs by killing monsters in the Mine! Easter Eggs can be used to exchange for Divine EXP Stones, Divine Gems and Easter Items Chest in Market! Never miss it! (Easter Items Chest contains Univ. Spirits*5, Univ. Armors*5, Figurines*10 and Exorcism Spars*20)
Kill Monsters and Break Eggs
From Apr.16 to Apr.18 the monsters will appear as zombies. Go and kill them! And in the Mine there are bricks in the shape of eggshell. Break them to obtain abundant rewards. 
Lucky Wheel
Since Apr.16 to Apr.20, Lucky Wheel will be activated. You have a chance to get rewards such as Seiya G, Shiryu G, Hyoga G, Ikki G, Shun G... Come and enjoy the rewards!
20%-Off Summon
During this week, players can enjoy a 20% discount when summoning heroes from Mythic. Just go for it! 
Double Income
On Arp.16, Main Tasks' EXP, Gold Coins and income of the Workshop in the Mines will be doubled. 
Time Limited Exchange
Heavenly heroes Shaka, Seiya G and Dr.Pumpkin are available in Market-Exchange. More limited items are waiting in market!
Limited Heroes
During event time, players have a chance to recruit Evil Jack by using Glory or Mythic in Library. 
Time-limited Raider 
In Raider this week, you have a chance to obtain Armors of Evil Jack and Dr.Pumpkin's.
Super Coin Powder
You didn't get any heavenly hero in Mythic? Don't worry! Here's Super Token Powder*1 for you, which can be used to exchange for Super Token in Exchange of Market. 
Hot Heavenly Box 
This week, the Hot Heavenly Box is available. Players who top up a total of $66 and $666 can respectively obtain one box. Open the box with 3,000 Gems to randomly obtain a heavenly hero; there’s also a chance to get rare items such as Univ. Spirits, Univ. Artifacts and Large Gold Bars, etc.
Hero Go

Adventures of Heroes is a 2D Card RPG which focuses on exploring and mining. Your goal is to form a powerful team of up to 20 heroes to pass through the different challenges on the map, finally delivering the Dimension Book back to its original place and save the 2D World from corruption. In addition to adventuring, Mining is another special gameplay. You can obtain special ores through digging, and the ores are essential for heroes’ growth. As you dig deeper, you’ll also meet high level BOSS and obtain rare ores.