Maintenance on Mar.22

Time : 2017-03-20 05:31
Dear all players, 
Adventure of Heroes will be performing a maintenance on Mar.22, from 2 AM to 5 AM (EDT). It might be delayed for the unexpected issues, please be aware!
Maintenance content:
1. Here comes a brand-new gameplay - Maze. The function will be activated after Ghost Desert 10 in Chapter 11. You will experience the pleasure of exploring unknown challenges in the maze full of thick fog. Don’t get lost! In the Maze, there’re abundant treasures waiting for you! Never miss it! 
2. A brand-new cultivating system - “Skills Upgrade” will be available. The function will be activated after Sacred Altar 5 in Chapter 14. The skills of purple heroes or heroes with higher quality can be upgraded, which will greatly enhance heroes’ power and get them ready for more challenges. Items for Skills Upgrade can be obtained in “Maze”-> “Shop”, so it’s time for you to explore “Maze” together with your heroes! Just go for it!
3. Rewards for friend invitation via Facebook. Every day you can obtain abundant rewards by successfully inviting 1 friend via Facebook. Your rewards will wait for you in the Event interface! 
Due to the issue of data compatibility, we will clear the records of the last Cross-server Battle, while other data in Cross-sever Battle will be kept. Sorry for the inconvenience!
We hope all of you can like our new system. In addition, if you have any suggestion about the game, please feel free to tell us. Let’s creat a better game environment together!
Thank you for your patience and support again!

Hero Go

Adventures of Heroes is a 2D Card RPG which focuses on exploring and mining. Your goal is to form a powerful team of up to 20 heroes to pass through the different challenges on the map, finally delivering the Dimension Book back to its original place and save the 2D World from corruption. In addition to adventuring, Mining is another special gameplay. You can obtain special ores through digging, and the ores are essential for heroes’ growth. As you dig deeper, you’ll also meet high level BOSS and obtain rare ores.